• # of Public School K-12: 55,635,000

  • # of Public School Teachers: 3,568,000

  • 90% of K-12 are in public school.

  • USA Teacher Unions

  • The national education association (NEA) has 2.7 million members, and with its billion-dollar annual dues income, it rules in more school districts, with a power base in mostly rural areas and small to midsize towns.

  • The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is also powerful, with one million members, and a base mainly in the big cities.

  • No Child Left Behind

    • Congress passed NCLB by a bipartisan landslide.-Decision Points by George W. Bush.

    • Raised federal education spending.-Decision Points by George W. Bush.

    • The point of No Child Left Behind. The premise of the law is that success cannot be measured by dollars spent; it has to be judged by results achieved.-Decision Points by George W. Bush.


  • Many people give up on learning after they leave school because thirteen or twenty years of extrinsically motivated education is still a source of unpleasant memories. Their attention has been manipulated long enough from the outside by textbooks and teachers, and they have counted graduation as the first day of freedom. Ideally, the end of extrinsically applied education should be the start of an education that is motivated intrinsically.-Flow by Czikszentmihalyi.

  • The value of a school does not depend on its prestige, or its ability to train students to face up to the necessities of life, but rather on the degree of the enjoyment of lifelong learning it can transmit. A good factory is not necessarily the one that makes the most money, but the one that is most responsible for improving the quality of life for its workers and its customers. And the true function of politics is not to make people more affluent, safe, or powerful, but to let as many as possible enjoy an increasingly complex existence.-Flow by Czikszentmihalyi.